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The Sweet Spot-How Your Panties Can Spice Up Your Relationship

Seduction Tool of Choice

Everyone has busy schedules nowadays. It can often make it hard to have an active sex life when you’re working all day and tired when you get home. Let’s not even talk about adding kids to the mix. Many couples with children and/or heavy work load are often forced to schedule sex and romance to make sure it isn’t neglected.

While it is a great idea to make time for sex and romance, it can sometimes remove the spontaneity. If you want to maintain the spontaneity, the seduction and romance should start before the work day is has even begun.

Before your honey leaves for work in the morning, slip a pair of sexy underwear in his briefcase, shoulder bag or coat pocket. Make sure the panties won’t be discovered before they go to work.

Then sometime during the day, send a sexy text message or email that references your naughty underwear and suggests that you will be wearing a similar pair later that evening.

The thought of you in those sexy underwear will stick with your man all day long and just like that the seduction has begun!  Now all you have to do is be ready to move the seduction from a suggestion to reality when your honey gets home.

 Ashia Sims, is a writer, producer and Executive Producer for Friday Girl TV. She enjoys business, traveling and teaching women about fashion on her blog,

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  2. tami says:

    I need to get it in order, I still wear grannies. So comfy, but oh so not cute lol

  3. Friday Girl says:

    Try boy shorts. They’re sexier than grannies but still comfy!

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